5 security tips to stop apps from stealing your data

You might feel anxious every time you download a new app. How can you trust that it won’t steal your data? Haplessly, there’s no way to tell at face value if an app has darker motives and no protection is foolproof in today’s world of ever-evolving technology. An app that behaves well today could turn into a bad actor tomorrow if the company behind the app is sold or changes its direction.

1. Use a password manager

Yes it’s a cliche, but having a strong password is the first step to keeping your personal data safe. “Password” and “123456” took the top two spots on SpashData’s Top 100 worst passwords for 2018.

2. Use a VPN on public Wi-Fi

Using a virtual private network (VPN), especially when you’re on public wi-fi, is an important part of keeping your data safe.

3. Be mindful of app permissions

One tip that almost all of the experts mentioned was double checking which permissions the app asks for.

4. Keep software up to date

Making time to update your smartphone’s OS is critical, according to Walsh. Staying on top of OS updates can keep your device and data safer by helping stay a step ahead of hackers and the latest exploits they are spreading across the internet and the dark web.

5. Only download apps from Google and Apple’s stores

Not all the apps in the App Store or the Google Play Store are 100 percent trustworthy, but experts still say you should only download apps from those places.

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