5 Tips for Mobile Photography

Want to learn how to take great pictures on your phone? You’ll be a pro in no time following these tips.

It’s All About the Light

It’s true.  It’s all about the light.

That’s what will help make a good image a great image. Check out the shadows that the sun makes on subjects. Notice the reflective light off buildings. Practice during the ‘golden hour,’ the period of time shortly after sunrise or just prior to sunset. Watch how the light from a window falls inside a room at different moments.

The smartphone is not the greatest in low light situations. It’s best to capitalize on lighting conditions your device functions under best.

Zoom With Your Feet

Do not ever use the zoom on your smart phone. 

I think this is the first step towards taking a bad smartphone picture. If you want to zoom in on something, use your legs and move!

It’s All About the Angles, Man (And Woman)

Change your perspective on things.

I beg to differ. I think changing your angles and your perspective not only gets you a better shot, it also shows how you see the subject.

So get down on the ground, climb up on a high vantage point, move to the side and change your point of view. Try as many different angles on your subject as possible.

A Clean Glass Is a Happy Glass

It’s a simple rule of thumb. Clean the glass on your lens. Much like when you have a dirty windshield, cleaning it can give you sharper view and improve results. 

A shot with a clean lens is always going to be better than a shot with your greasy thumbprint.

Have Fun

This is the last and really the only rule that you should stick to.  If you don’t listen to anything I’ve given you here, “Have Fun” is the one rule that you have to promise me you will use when getting into mobile photography.

It’s always fun when you do it with others who are learning and enjoying the art.

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