Facebook Ads: The Most Efficient Ways to Promote Your Business

Facebook ads has become the most efficient way to promote your business these days. – Facebook Ads: The Most Efficient Ways to Promote Your Business

Facebook ads are not only more convenient and easier to run and manage than most advertising platforms, but they also help you target your audience by location, age group, and interests at a budget that suits you.

You can set the timings and frequency for your ads, and create and innovate as much as any other form of advertising.

Facebook offers various ways in which any business owner can advertise their products and services. Let’s have a look at these most efficient ways to boost your business.

Page like ad; Get people to like your page

Your page is a lifetime asset on Facebook. Get people to like your page so that they can be updated about each of your posts. This is the classic ad that most businesses with a presence on Facebook employ, but how you advertise your page is most relevant.

Here are the basics:

  • The text limit is 90 characters.
  • The headline limit is 25 characters.
  • The recommended image specification for is 1200 X 444 pixels.
  • Your image should not include more than 20% text.
  • Try to explain more with little textual content and upload a high-quality image.

Your text should display a call-to-action with phrases such as ‘Like our page to stay up to date with the best deals in town’.

The Facebook Video Ad:

Video ads have a long history on television, but with the digital space taking the forefront, video ads have become even more relevant.

The Facebook Video Ad is displayed in the newsfeed of your target audience.

The video is a highly engaging medium which requires little effort for the viewer. Every second person who visits Facebook on a daily basis watches at least one video in a day. The number of individuals engaging in video ads is increasing day by day.

While you can occasionally post video ads featured on your YouTube channel, advertising directly from Facebook has its advantages.

The video thumbnail should be full sized, and you can add the call to action messages. A great call to action for videos would be ‘the last sale for the season’ or ‘last chance to grab merchandise’.

The Local Ad:

These ads work best for local businesses that hope to derive most of their sales from their local audience.

The best advantage for local businesses with Facebook is that they can target their audience by location. If your company benefits people residing within five miles of your business location, you can target only them.

Local advertising on Facebook comes in handy especially when the need of the hour is people physically visiting your store or office.

If you are hosting a signup event or even a lucky draw at your business location, you can promote this event to people staying within a particular distance from your location.

Such ads work best when targeted towards individuals who do not have a lot of free time, especially the office goers. If you can offer them facilities within a short distance from their residence, there’s no way they won’t get back to you.

Do not forget to mention if you serve your customers at their home.

Another great feature is a clickable ‘Get Directions’ button in the post that will help local customers navigate to your business location.

The Event Ad:

Whether you have a substantial business or an entirely online one, the best way to grow awareness about your business is by organizing events-online or offline.

You can directly invite people to free events through Facebook without linking out to other websites, or redirect users to the tickets booking portal for paid events.

Again, you can target the people you think should attend your event. For example, if your computer-training Institute is organizing a job fair, you can target college graduates within the age group of twenty to twenty-five years.

Add the most appropriate picture, infographic or college on the thumbnail image of your post to attract more people.

Adding call-to- action phrases like ‘Hurry? Limited seats left!’ works best for value-adding events.

The Domain Ad / Click to website:

This type of advertisement is best suited to business owners who want to direct users to their website and drive most of their sales from there.

Your site can have the best content or the best offers, but to redirect visitors to your website, your Facebook domain ad must be persuasive enough.

Domain ads can be displayed on the right advertisement column or the user’s News Feed.

Make sure that the landing page on your website is a continuation of the ad copy, rather than your homepage, which the user has to navigate through to find the incentive he or she clicked the advertisement for.


The Offer Ad:

People are more likely to avail goods and services with the word ‘discount’, ‘sale’ or ‘offer’ mentioned in the ad post.

Offer ads on Facebook have been designed exclusively for promoting your offers and discounts.

Promoting offers and discounts on Facebook is highly advantageous as the user can avail the discount on Facebook itself rather than navigating out which is beneficial for both you and the customer.

You can create the ad while deciding on various parameters, such as before and after prices, the period of the offer, and also display metrics of the people who have already availed it, which acts as a real-time social proof.

The Facebook offer ads can be created in the Ads Manager as well as Power Editor.

You can also decide whether you want to feature the ad in the user’s News Feeds, the ads section on the top right or in their mobile app.

Once you are done deciding the placement, add some text to highlight your discounts. A good example would be ‘30% off on all electronic items’.


Facebook ads are a great way to promote your business and generate sales. But it is as much a DIY (Do it yourself) as it is easy and automated.

Just creating an ad does not guarantee sales or business growth. It is important to know your strengths, research the market and advertise accordingly.

You need to know which ad type suits you best. If you follow all these steps while remaining consistent, you are bound to perform better with each new ad you create.

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