Best Tips | How can I improve my php coding skills?

You know programming has few very important pillar to improve php coding skills; those are:

  1. Logic – your ability to understant what exactly problem is then
  2. Problem Solving – How will you solve if such problems come in your life
  3. Implementation -then their implementations in any programming language.

Now Implementation you must have to be very careful about Time Complexity and Space Complexity i.e code you are going to write should execute in minimum time and you use the memory less.

And code getting messy then practice ,practice and practice that’s how you get into skin of language.There are numbers of website where you can practice and look for the programs written by many other with their logic but at the end of the day you logical ability will benefit you and to improve that practice as much as you can.

First a high five for wanting to improve. I would sum it up with these five tips:

Use an IDE that supports PHP ;PhpStorm, Sublime Text 2,..

This will improve your speed of your work and boost the quality of the written code.

Follow a Coding Style Guide like PSR-2

This will improve the readability of your code as well as provide hidden benefits in form of more solid code. Also name your variables, methods and classes with describing names – that can save you a lot of comments in the code. Coding style quick improvement tip – IF statements

Learn the SOLID of Object oriented design

These five principles of object oriented design will make your code more flexible for future changes, cutting down on the needed time for future changes.

Test your code

Testing your code will expose bad design decisions and will make you write better quality code in the future. Basically bad code is hard to test. Start small and work your way to more sophisticated tests. Setup an automated test runner with PHPUnit and Grunt.js to get started. How to recognize bad code?

Get a more experienced programer to review your code

If possible, get someone to review your code. But following the first four tips, your code should already be at a pretty high quality level. Also review other peoples code and try to expose bad parts and think how you could improve them.

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