Skills Developers Should Have

If you are a junior developer, you can easily reduce your learning curve by years by using the right mindset, tools, and techniques.

Persuasion & Negotiation Skills

To be able to persuade you must listen carefully to the needs. To negotiate effectively, find common grounds. Know what you want and how you want to get it.

Creative Skills

At the current speed of change, the programmer with creative thinking, who can think outside the box, will not only survive in the industry, but also push his organization forward.

Stress Management Skills

Stress management skill is taking control of your stress level and managing your body’s response. To manage stress, first you should understand where this feeling is coming from.

Time Management Skills

Good time management refers to the organization and planning on specific activities in the day and how long should be spent on them.

Marketing Skills

Good marketing is about establishing the needs of your target audience and positioning your brand to meet with their demands. You must offer the ideal solution.

Communication Skills

Confidence and respect play vital roles in good communication. Be confident to say what you want and open-minded to listen to the other party and respect their point of view.

What Other Skills Developers Should Have Besides Coding Skills

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