Top programming languages used throughout the world.

In today’s tutorial I have listed top programming languages used throughout the world which are necessary for a programmer to learn.  So, Straight to the point! Here are the key languages to learn! AND in the best order! without being elusive.

 Get learning today! Time’s a wasting!

These are the top programming languages which are used throughout the globe. Hope you will like the order list. Let’s start from the first language.


Do you know what Java is? Java is not the cup of coffee, it is a computer programming language which has been around the world since 20th century on 90’s. Despite, the language being open source, anyone can use it freely. Java language was designed to be language which could run on any device. So, now you might think that in which purpose Java is being used? It is used for software development for OS Windows, smart phones and even for TV’s.

Java language is one of the most important languages, even, large and small business are powered with written applications in this language. The result is this that if you want to innovate any type of business software, this is the best language, or if you want to build any Android app, Java is the best for Android developers. Mobile games are mostly developed with Java as: Angry Bird, Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga. And this is a widely language so many companies are using it.


C++ is the language similar to C language with more features. This two languages are used considered as general purpose languages that C is used mostly used for “close to the machine” softwares like OS (operating system), whereas C++ is used for higher level applications as accounting software or video game engines.

The main purpose, to learn C++, is developing the projects such is web browsers, graphic drivers and financial trading algorithms, usually this is the first choice. As it is more featured then C because it supports the feature called “object orientated”, but C does not. So, C++ is more appropriate for some task that C would be overly difficult.

Today’s most popular video games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Fifa are written in C++. Big budget computer animation studios such as Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks are using C++ in some capacity in their animation software too.


Python is a general purpose language which was designed to be highly readable making it to be easy for beginners. Despite its relatively small learning curve, it still packs the power do very cool stuff like scientific computing, web development and 3D rendering.

Whenever you you are looking to jump straight into programming with relative ease, you would learn python. Python can be picked up at a fast pace rather then lower languages such as C or Java. So, it makes the python an extremely beginner friendly language.

Python is the language by which most popular sites are started by it such as: Youtube, Instagram and Reddit, however, python played a major role in starting these sites. Because of being useful in many situation, Data Analyst, Networking Security Developer, Web Application Developer and IT Auditor are depended on it. Popular companied such as Google and Youtube are on the hunt for Python Programmers.


JavaScript is the language that most of the beginner can not differentiate between Java and JavaScript. It original  name is ECMAScript, however, due to popularity the creator changed its name in order to attract more people, JavaScript.

This language is the working in both front-end and back-end development. And it is used to add interactivity to web page. Web pages without JavaScript are rather bland, whereas It laced sites allow for animations and better control over the web interface. The frameworks such as Node.js allows programmers to write back-end software.

All over the world, 88% of websites are using JavaScript to have hover effects, dropdown menus, and the page animations, you might observed.


PHP is a language which is designed to make web applications like Facebook. In fact, PHP is written using C language. As a result, it inherits some of C’s power. If you want to set new website, PHP is more practical then C and C++ so PHP is the best language for developing web application with no experience.

Millions of website are using PHP language in there sites such as Yahoo WordPress so PHP is truly popular.

This was today’s tutorial, hope you liked and will share with your friends….

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