10 Ways to Save killing your iPhone battery

You might think why your iPhone is not saving battery charge for long time. Her you will get some information to avoid from damaging your battery. – 10 Ways to Save killing your iPhone battery

Apps And Notification

Whenever a notification arrives and your phone lights up, it damages your battery. So turn off app notification and updates, to save battery.

WiFi and Data Factor

Most of you are keeping your Wifi or data on  all times so it will drain your battery pretty quickly. So turn them off when not in use.

Not using Auto-Brightness

Your screen’s brightness is one huge factor that drains your battery very quickly. Don’t unnecessarily keep your screen brightness as very high and keep your lock time as 1 minute. But if you’re not a fan of having your screen be constantly dark, turn on “Auto-Brightness.” When activated, the tool will help adjust your screen to lighting conditions automatically.


Always use the charger you were given for your iPhone, for your specific phone and model. Because even though there are many cheap non-expensive charges available online or PCO, they are dangerous as they damage your phone battery and catch fire easily. Use the original chargers which is given with your phone.

Back Up Phone Battery

Experts say that you shouldn’t store your backup phone without any charge. Because this results in degrading of the battery’s charge holding capacity. Whenever you want to back up your phone, full charge and keep.

Notifications turned on

Every time your phone gets a notification form any app you have turned on the notification light, the screen lights up, and more often than not you’re tempted to swipe to open that notification. Only turn on notifications for apps that you use regularly. That way, you can avoid temptation.

Full Charging to 100%

There are some people who keep scooting to charge their phones when their phone’s charge falls a point below 100%. But did you know that constantly charging your phone to maintain full battery is a very bad thing and damages your phone. Mobile experts say that phones work best between 30 to 80 percent of battery .

Don’t Let Your Phone Die!

Did you know that every time you let your phone die, your iPhone’s battery or lithium ion batteries violate and resulting in the wearing down of the battery’s life? What experts suggest is to allow your iPhone to completely discharge once every two months to allow battery calibration. As I said at previous paragraph that do nat full and do not let your phone die because both will damage your phone battery.

Overheating Is Also Very Bad!

Overheating affects your phone like nothing else. That is because iPhone batteries are very sensitive, which affects the phone’s performance a great deal. The batteries are very sensitive to heat as well as cold, the ideal temperature for an iPhone is between 32-95 degrees.

Plugging your iPhone into a computer

When you’ve misplaced your charging block, plugging into a computer seems like an obvious alternative. But if your device is connected to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, that can cause problems. To avoid battery drain, make sure your computer is plugged in and powered on while charging.


Never full charge your battery or never let to die because it will constantly damage the battery. Always back up iPhone full charged. When you’ve misplaced your charging block, don’t plug into a computer which is turned off or sleep.

Hope you have got something which are necessary  for you.

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