How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

There are plenty techniques to collect more visitors on your YouTube videos as editing of your video, good title of your videos ,  description, SEO tags, promote your videos in Social Media and your website, use best video editing and place music & text in your videos. For new youtube users is sickly pale . In this article, we discuss How To Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos.

Create Awesome Thumbnails

If you make videos, you’ve probably been guilty of creating an awesome video and then coming up with a thumbnail as an afterthought. Unfortunately,  that’s a backward way to do it. The thumbnail, along with a title, is the ONLY thing that is going to convince someone to even watch your video in the first place. Because of this, if your video is totally awesome but the thumbnail sucks, it becomes a waste of your time.

Every time I come up with a new idea for a video, the very next thing I do, before I even start planning the video, is decide on a good thumbnail. If there isn’t a good thumbnail, there isn’t a good video.

Use Good Title for Your Videos

The title of your video should be to the point, engaging, easy and short but with keywords. The video title is the most important part of getting more views from the users so video’s title should be short and it should not be elusive.

Pertinent Descriptions

Uncommon description is the monarch of real traffics. Most of people reject this step, but this is the most important for increasing your video views. Try as much as you write a good video description this makes a good traffics and view of your YouTube videos. If it is possible, write 2-3 paragraphs on your video subjects as well as give a link of your website or blogs in video description and include a keyword and phrase in your video description. The more you write the most you get more keywords.

Include Tags:

Tags are inaudible SEO parts of your YouTube videos. Tags are the most salient for ranking your video in youtube server so, insert best keyword in tags. You might ask how to find best keywords for video tags? The solution is Google Keyword Planner is one of the best keyword research tools so, use this tools and find low competition keywords like 1k to 10k, this can give a more video views.

Increase Your Subscriber Count

Users who have subscribed to your YouTube channel are your fans; they will be interested in watching your new uploads. Whenever you upload a new video, it will show up on the homepage of your subscribers. So, it’s obvious that more subscribers you have, more views your video will get, and that too, within few days of upload. In order to get new subscribers and retain the existing ones, always upload interesting videos and actively ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can do this through an annotation or even through the video itself towards the end.

Social Marketing of  Your Videos:

Social Marketing is one of the best place to share  Your Videos, business and parts of your life. There are many social sites which are Embed with YouTube so you can share your Videos in Social Sharing Websites, mostly you can share your videos in group or any page which you manage.  Now a days most people have social accounts. Think that audience watch your videos in worldwide level, make sure that you share your videos in Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ Etc.

Share Your Videos:

If you want to extend your video views then you will share or send your videos to your friends, homies and family. This tricks increase the views of your videos.

Use a blog or a website to kick upstairs your videos:

You can use it to market your videos if you have a blog or a website. This is the most important to market your videos in worldwide. If you want advertisement for your YouTube channel or videos  then there are many online commercial tools or website available.

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